Application Updates

2020 March 30th
2020 March 31th
2020 April 1st
2020 April 3rd
2020 April 6th
2020 April 13th
2020 April 14th
2020 April 20th
2020 October 20th
v1.2.0.0- Fixed YouTube Login
2020 October 23th
v1.2.1.0- Added new random useragent list option

Next update planned in:

- YouTube Likes / Dislikes module

Virus Detection?

  1. Please note that all our apps FREE or PAID ( are protected by EnigmaProtector and there is NOT virus or any malicious code inside.
  2. If you still not TRUST us then go to official forum of the company who sold us protector and check their forum and topics from other developers who had similar issues while protecting their applications. Enigma Forum.
  3. Because when protection is applied to the main software code and obfuscated with strong anti debugger encryption, antivirus can not see inside the code, that's why it trigger possible thread, this is called "false positive". You may read much about it if you google this.
  4. The "virus" thread can be removed only if we send our unprotected simple of code to the Microsoft or other antivirus company and of course it will be not cheap, which is why many home and small developers can not afford to pay about 15,000 eur to Microsoft to "remove thread"