Sell Coins To US

Coins Rates
$ 5
  • 30,000 Credits
  • Withdraw to PayPal
  • You pay the fees
  • 24h delivery

$ 25
  • 100,000 Credits
  • Withdraw to PayPal
  • We pay the fees
  • 24h delivery

$ 10
  • 50,000 Credits
  • Withdraw to PayPal
  • You pay the fees
  • 24h delivery

Frequently Asked Questions


Once you earn desired amount of coins and you wish to not spend them, you can easy sell it to us, we buy from you! Simply download the latest version of our software, let it run 3,4 days and earn couple of thousands coins.
That's it!

Once you earn required amount of coins (check the actual price list) you will need to click on the button "contact us" then chat with us via ICQ.
We will verify your coins amount and ask you your PayPal account, where we will send the amount of your earned coins.

If you wish get back your coins as you may decide to keep it, you will need to refund us the amount we sent and cover fees, but in the same day.
In 24h we can accept this, else you will need to earn coins from 0 or buy coins for higher rate from our online shop.

If you wish to not sell coins to us, but exchange for premium membership, we can do that too!

If you have any other questions, or issues with coins, or software feel free to contact us via ICQ chat.